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Amanda Gonzalez

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7/8/11 02:25 pm

My friend Jose is going to start doing band stuff with me. I think he will be a great contribution because he's creative and weird. We're going to try getting organized before the show on the 16th so we can play together. I'm also interested in this girl from Fort Myers, Maddy. I'd like her to play with us as well. Ah, the more members the more complicated to get things together. My Chicago trip is around the corner.

5/26/11 04:28 am

Sometimes I wish I had never moved there in the first place. I wouldn't miss it as much.

5/24/11 02:26 pm - moving


5/15/11 02:04 pm

anyone up for this in july? if not i'm just going alone. what an fun trip that's coming into play.

5/13/11 03:39 pm

telephone calls so far away. words can travel so fast. it's just too bad that bodies can't fit through telephone wires.

4/15/11 11:09 am

The show went well. It was the perfect, adorable, personal setting I had hoped for. Kids were sitting on the floor, the sun had just set and the weather was beautiful. It was the first time I've ever needed a sweater in Miami.I was basically playing in the dark under a string of white Christmas lights so I could barely see what my hands were doing. I messed up once or twice during the song I knew/play the most. I played the song I wrote a couple days ago perfectly. Ain't that something. An adorable short haired girl approached me after my set. Her name was Kiki and I guess she is new to the Firefly. She told me she liked my set and we just chit chatted for the duration of my time there. I love making new pals. I never...ever meet anyone new in Naples so this was extremely refreshing. We later discovered that we have a few mutual friends. We didn't stay long and on the ride back I just wanted to be in bed. The whole day was weird for me. I was so nervous about playing in front of people and once I finally did, my body could finally relax. It wasn't THAT bad.

I've got to start getting junk together for my demo so I can have copies in time for 305 fest. I'm pretty excited to see Midwest friends.

4/13/11 08:18 pm

they spelled my name wrong and didn't put little legs but it's good enough for me

3/19/11 04:35 pm

Our cat, Woogie, is sick AGAIN. Last time he was sick, my roommate, Monica ended up paying 700 dollars for surgery because he at a small rodent in the back yard. It was stuck in his intestines and he couldn't digest it. Now he keeps sneezing up big snot rockets and puking everywhere. Monica took him to the vet today and we found out we might have to put him down. So sad.

In other news, I got a new job that pays a lot more than my current one.

3/8/11 03:51 pm

I'm playing a show at the Firefly in Miami on April 14th. It would be nice to see some familiar faces.

3/3/11 03:40 pm

these guys were laughing at me because i forgot to take the lense cap off. :B

this was all the footage i could capture before the camera died. this was all taken in about 20 minutes so you can imagine what my whole weekend in tallahasse was like.
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